It takes continuous work and focus to improve yourself.

Our workshops are online and focus on letting you find your own way by giving you solid methods for it.

It’s a lifelong process to understand and optimize yourself, but it rests on a few basic principles, and that’s what our workshops are about.

The workshops provide you with a fundamental methodology that sets you free to find your own way.

It prevents you from stepping into the guru trap where answers are given instead of discovered.

In other words, you learn to be your own master and develop your personality on the basis of reasoning rather than belief.

To get there, we use a fusion of Human-Centered Design (HCD), conceptual thinking, and the Socratic method.

It’s an extremely powerful way of enhancing your individuality.

And, since our workshops take place online they are easy to integrate in life, even across timezones.

As always, we provide a maximum degree of personal freedom.


In a world under pressure from new technologies, being a knowledge worker means applying yourself in a way that makes life more human.

Johannes Gulmann Madsen
Ph.D. & Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen

“The workshop made me think deeper about what I want out of the future, and how to get there.”

Sofia Viktoria Christensen
MA Pedagogical Psychology & Consultant

“The ability to do the workshop remotely is genius. It makes it easier for me to meet my family obligations.”

Nikolaj Sorgenfrei Blom
Ph.D. & Senior Researcher, DTU Bioengineering

“It helped me get to the core of my research and developed me as a scientist, leader, and human being.”

Stay on the trail with us!