It started with kung-fu...

... and ended with the concept of storytelling.

Our story goes all the way back to 1993 where our founder, Izack Stjernberg, established a kung-fu school in Aarhus, Denmark, within the Wing Tsun branch.

Although he had limited experience in Wing Tsun, he was driven by his passion for the art, and in particular its conceptual approach to fighting.

With a few basic principles for tactical movement, the opportunities for self-defense were literally endless.

It was in stark contrast to the recipe-based martial arts he had practiced until then. The conceptual approach of Wing Tsun simply changed his way of thinking about how we solve problems as human beings.

Conceptual thinking

Since he wasn't technically skilled enough to be a Wing Tsun master, he had to find another way of bringing value to his students, and he chose the role of the guide.

By using the concept of Wing Tsun, he could relate the technical training to their personal growth and facilitate their progress in both kung-fu and in life.

In short, he absorbed the power of conceptual thinking and took it with him into journalism, political speech-writing, personal growth, branding, and facilitation.

The concept of storytelling

That's why Mindblaze is rooted in the concept of storytelling.

Storytelling is fundamental to humans, but to make it work, we have to understand its underlying principles instead of just following a recipe.

Mindblaze is the crystallization of more than three decades of continuous search for how to elevate human awareness through conceptual thinking.

Something that's still our purpose.

Human growth

We believe the expansion of the human mind is our biggest asset in the future, and that weaving our minds together is the best way of doing it.

Therefore, we see collaborative intelligence as the way forward for human growth, since it's naturally based on storytelling.

Quite simply because we tell stories to relate to each other and what we collaborate on. It's how we grow.

Stay on the trail.

Izack Stjernberg