Blazing new trails requires a method that lets you find your own way.

We facilitate personal development to make your mindset count in a world of change.

Mindblaze is a facilitation company specialized in personal development.

We use the same methods and tools for developing yourself as businesses worldwide use for innovating new products, services, and strategies.

At Mindblaze we know from experience that you cannot solve the problems of the world without first defining yourself in it.

So, we make it easier to see yourself in context and develop a mindset with impact.

Our primary target group is knowledge workers who are under high pressure from new technologies to make themselves relevant. It can lead to self-doubt and identity crisis.

By using a fusion of Human-Centered Design (HCD), conceptual thinking, and the Socratic method, we blaze a trail of exploration to discover new solutions and redefine personal development. We call the model, Mindblaze Trifecta.

Our vision is a world where personal development is as natural as physical fitness. We see it as key to our purpose of a higher human awareness.

Headquartered in Denmark, we stay true to our cultural heritage as international explorers. We are driven by adventure, because the change is in the journey, but it doesn’t happen by itself. You have to actually go for it.

Along the way, we deliver a maximum degree of personal freedom.

The art of conceptual kung-fu was the original starting point.

It began with kung-fu…

Our story goes all the way back to 1993 where our founder, Izack Stjernberg, established a kung-fu school in Denmark within the Wing Tsun branch.

Although he had limited experience, he was driven by his passion for the art, and its conceptual approach to fighting.

With a few basic principles for tactical movement, the opportunities for self-defense were literally endless, and he could easily develop his own way of using them.

It was in stark contrast to the rigid, recipe-based martial art he had practiced until then.

The conceptual approach to kung-fu simply changed his way of thinking about how we solve problems as human beings.

However, since he wasn’t skilled enough to be a kung-fu master, he had to find another way of bringing value to his students, and he chose to be the guide.

By using the concept of Wing Tsun, he could relate the training to their personal development and facilitate their progress.

He soon absorbed the method and took it with him forwards into other areas of his professional life.

Including journalism, political speech-writing, entrepreneurship, facilitation, and personal development.

It all evolved from conceptual kung-fu.

Mindblaze Trifecta.

Our conceptual model for personal development unlocks new perspectives, drives meaningful ideas, and cultivates a deeper understanding of yourself.

Stay on the trail with us!

“Mindblaze is formidable at facilitating personal development, but above all it stands out as a company with a heartfelt concern for making innovation work for humanity.”

Bjarke Calvin

CEO & Media Developer